Meet the Team

Mr. Gailey
Artist’s composite sketch of Mr. Gailey


Darren Gailey – Co-Owner, CEO

A reclusive figure, there are no photographs of Mr. Gailey known to exist. Pictured is an artist’s rendition based off of this great man’s reputation and various descriptions of his rugged good looks. Although fiercely independent and opinionated, he can barely hold up his end of a conversation. The origins of his family are a closely guarded secret – the memories too painful to relive. Despite these and other shortcomings, he has achieved his vision to build the vehicle to bring you the best beer in the world – Couch Brewery.

A young Mr. Pearrow. He couldn’t afford pants.


Mike Pearrow – Co-Owner, Brewmaster/Beer God

Half Man / All Beer God,  Mr. Pearrow’s strength and power are depicted in this monumental battle as he defeated The Lion King (records from his youth are spotty at best).  It was this fierce fight that later became the inspiration for our soon to be famous and oh so delicious Ottoman Empire Double IPA.  Sadly the years have not been so kind on Mr. Pearrow.  He, for the betterment of all, decided forego his six-pack abs and dedicate his life to the beer making process.  Despite this major makeover to his mid-section, Mr. Pearrow maintains a strict regimen of study to the application of hops to bring you the best beer ever made – Grab yourself a Couch!

Mr. Shaffer pictured moments before tragedy struck.

Cary Shaffer – Co-Owner, Brewmaster/Retired Opera Singer

Born on distant shores, Mr. Shaffer wants to share with you his love of craft beer and royalty themed operas. Singing with a piercing falsetto voice, he brings that same intensity to the beers he creates. A bit of a dandy, here he is pictured in his younger days singing the lead in King Lear. Mr. Shaffer blew out three of his four vocal chords shortly after this photo was taken, much to the shock and horror of the audience who had gathered to witness his seraphic performance. On the advice from his Austrian vocal physician, the world renowned Dr. Emil Schefhousen, Mr. Shaffer had to remain silent for several years if he were to have any hope of returning to the stage. While recuperating from this devastating injury he needed an outlet for the creative force deep within his soul. It is during that time that Mr. Shaffer found and fell in love with the beer making process. Unfortunately, he has never fully recovered his angelic singing voice but he can still serenade you with his ethereal libations – Couch Brewery Beers.