Our Beers

Living Room Regulars:

Just a partial list of whats on tap….

Plush Pale Ale…Nicely balanced pale ale with a juicy peach hint.

Blonde Shag…Our session American Blonde Ale. Sorachi Ace hops are the star of this show. Shag is a brewer’s favorite.

Ottoman Empire Double IPA…Be the commander of hops! Four varieties of hops will reign supreme and conquer your desire for the best double IPA ever brewed. Rule the Living Room with an Ottoman Empire in your hand.

Atomic Clock Amber Ale

Lunar Module IPA


Comforter Winter Warmer…Gram’s baking inspired this one. Big malt flavors with hints of vanilla, nutmeg citrus and ginger. Alcohol warmth is mellow even at 10%ABV. Enjoy one with sugar and cinnamon glass rim and you’ll think you’re licking the cookie spoon right in her kitchen.

Zitten Wit…Give our take on this storied classic a taste. We dry hop with Citra Hops instead of bitter orange peel in the boil. Zitten is Dutch for sit. So sit with a Zit!

Coming back soon – Raspberry Duvet Stout…We took Recliner and added quite a bit of raspberry. Smells awesome and tastes great. We love it.

Coming back soon – Siesta – Malty, beautiful American Ale infused with the perfect balance of green tea, ginger, and a blend of smoked Mexican mild peppers.

Coming back soon – HiFi Hefeweizen…HiFi rocks. A set list of smooth banana and clove, HiFi amplifies the classic Bavarian wheat style to center stage. Hazy yeast fronts this band with bready malt singing back up. Turn it up to 11.

And many more…