Draft List

We pride ourselves in offering a diverse portfolio of beer styles. From the new craft beer drinker to the craftiest veteran beer aficionado, we have a beer for you.

Updated on 12-10-2018



Belgian Dark Strong Ale, 8.7%ABV

Dark strong is a pretty loose style in the world of Belgian beer. The main requirement is it be darker than a Golden Strong Ale. Ours is packed with special B malt, a blend of 2 row brewer’s malt and Pilsen malt. Hopped with Saaz and Northern Brewer, pitched with a blend of 2 Belgian yeasts and 2 clean fermenting yeasts. Slightly spicy, easy drinking, and a solid 8.7%ABV. Enjoy!

Also available in cans to go.


Belgian Tripel, 8.7%ABV

Amplifier cranks to 8.7%ABV. Saaz and Tettnang hops strike a chord on the Pilsen malt base. The hops sing loudly and the malts drive the beat. Jimmy Page would be proud.

Also available in cans to go.

Larimer IPA

Wet hopped IPA, 5.3% ABV

Larimer Loft IPA is brewed with local ingredients to benefit the local community. Fifty percent of the revenue generated on release day by Larimer Loft IPA will be donated to the The Larimer Green Team of the Larimer Consensus Group which was formed to promote vitality and growth within the neighborhood of Larimer, and maintain an active voice in the City of Pittsburgh’s municipal government.

This small batch IPA is made with locally grown Sorachi Ace hops and locally malted grains. Hops on Lots Pittsburgh, in conjunction with the Larimer Community Garden and Urban Farm, cared for several hops plants less than a mile from the brewery. While not the only hops in Couch’s Larimer IPA, the locally grown hops add a desirable citrus and lemon flavor to the IPA. CNC Malting, outside of Butler, donated 100 percent of the malt. CNC uses grains grown in Pennsylvania and Ohio and malts it in their facility located less than 40 miles from the brewery.

Baja 1000

Brut IPA, 7.9% ABV

With notes of lemon, lime, pineapple, and papaya, your tastebuds are gonna be wondering why you have been keeping brut IPAs from them. This super dry and clear beer is brewed with Pilsner grain and Ekuanot hops. Who knew dry could be so awesome?

El Collabo

Brett IPA, 7.0% ABV, collaboration with Eleventh Hour Brewing Co. and Abjuration Brewing

With two strains of yeast, Cali Ale and Bruxxellensis Trois, primary fermention is hard and strong, and the secondary is long and slow. Imagine a west coast IPA and a New England had a kid. This beer would be the product. Hard and soft all at the same time.

Atomic  Clock

Amber Ale 6.3%ABV

Cascade and Willamette hops with a mellow, light caramel maltiness. A staff favorite. In the 50's, the Space Race was getting underway and the United States was exploring the atomic frontier. Our Atomic Clock is a nod to America's growth and our growth a a brewery. Kick back and enjoy.


Oatmeal Stout 5.1% ABV

Medium bodied oatmeal stout with roasty, chocolate and coffee undertones. Hopped with Amarillo. This is our head brewer's favorite beer.


American Blonde Ale, 4.2% ABV

A simple beer hopped with Sorachi Ace, Cascade and Willamette. To Shag or not to Shag is, frankly, never a question.

Arsenal Cider House 

Archibold's Ado, semi-sweet amber hard cider. 8.5% ABV

Fighting Elleck, off dry hard cider, 8.5% ABV

Laurel Highlands Meadery

Sparkling Black Currant Mead, 7.5% ABV