Hammy and a side of website.

Hello! You've found my little corner of this website. My name is Cary and I'm the head brewer at Couch Brewery. I don't know how long this blog will stick around, but here it is for now.

Follow us on social, please. My day job is a news photographer in Pittsburgh, so I do most of our photo work. I think it's pretty decent.

We brew beer on most Sundays. Last Sunday was no different than usual. Except, I slipped while stepping over a transfer hose. Splitsville. It hurt and still hurts. It so happened that I was (am as I write this) on vacation from my day job. I decided this was a great opportunity to log some time on the computer. So, here is the glory of many hours with a propped up leg, ice packs, heating pads, and that electric pulsing thing massaging my muscles. The new Couch Brewery website. It has a few little easter eggs, like this little blog page, so see if you find any.

It is far from finished, but it is way better than the old turd of a page we had. Hell, it has an up to date draft list! Right there is a good start in my opinion.

I may write about beer, or maybe not. I'll see what hits me to write about next time, hopefully it's not my can hitting the floor.

Fermenter number 3. 

Fermenter number 3.