Recliner. I love this beer.

Recliner oatmeal stout is my beer. My all time, no questions asked, favorite. 

"What is your favorite beer?" gets asked almost every shift I work. Sometimes I answer with whatever our newest beer is, and typically, thats true. Summer time is a great time for blonde ales and IPAs. Simple beers belong in the hot months, at least that is my belief. Our Rockin' Rölsch is a big favorite of mine (as I pen this diatribe) right now. Simple beer, classic styles, and easy drinkers. Summer.

Fall. The time for stouts. Oh man, how I love this time of year. Summer dwindles away and the temperature drops. Windows down in the car, up in the house. Thicker blankets at night and soft, comfortable flannels start making their way into the day's attire. Leaves start their flamboyant color show and soon will crunch under foot. Knit caps and campfires. The time of year that stouts make their long awaited return to popularity, I can hardly contain my excitement.

I dote on Recliner. My attention is wholly focused on this oatmeal stout. Brewed with a blend of five grains, it has a complexity like no other beer we produce. Notes of  coffee, chocolate, and a bit of roast on the finish. Every sip leaves you wanting more. Let it warm in your glass a bit and it changes.

Every single time we brew a beer, we try to make it better than last batch. Recliner has been in our portfolio for the longest amount of time, and I'm pretty sure it is the original beer that we scaled up to a pro size batch. I think the recipe was changed about 30 times since inception.  I am obsessed with this beer. We've changed the grain bill, the water chemistry and even varied the hops. The mash processes have been tweaked for temperature and when the specialty grains are added. This batch is the best batch we have ever produced.

I am excited that stout season is upon us. I'm excited to offer you Recliner. I think this recipe will be the way we make it from now on, well, pretty sure anyway.