Steel City Big Pour 12 Survival Guide

Hello again, all you lovely people! Thank you so much for checking out my Corner of the Couch. Our website has been up for almost a month and a half. I can’t believe how many of you are using it on a regular basis! Thank you so much! I am amazed.

Big Pour 12 is gonna rock. It’s one of our favorite festivals. This year is our fourth, and we have some cool stuff planned. We are offering four unique and rare drafts:

Tiki Torch, 5.1%ABV. Tiki is our Recliner oatmeal stout with coconut and chocolate. It is so good. Chocolate and coconut and roastiness and coffee and sweetness. Just. Damn. Man.

Basil Shag, 4.2%ABV, Basil Shag is an awesome blonde ale. Shag is such an easy drinking beer to begin with, then we add basil. Damn again. It’s a great beer to drink with any Italian food, or just to drink.

Pineapple Baja 1000, 7.9%ABV. We took our really popular Brut IPA and added pineapple. There are trends of bruts and fruit IPAs right now. Why not combine them? We did and we couldn’t be more in love with the result.

Atomic Meltdown, 6.2%ABV. Man, if you like pepper beer, this is the one you want. I’m not even kidding. Based on our Atomic Clock amber ale, this beer has habanero flavor and heat. It’s so good you’re gonna get back in line for another taste.

What’s our survival guide to Big Pour 12?

  1. Have fun, because beer IS fun.

  2. Hang with friends, make new friends, take pictures.

  3. Talk to the brewers! We love talking beer and will do it all day.

  4. Eat. The food is included, so eat up!

  5. Get the app. Rate all the beers you try. It’s a bit of bragging rights to the brewers when their beers go to the top of the chart.

  6. Talk to Terry from Construction Junction and tell him how great of a time you’re having.

  7. EAT.

  8. Try as many beers as you can! Rinse your glass often. Inside and out!

  9. Don’t drink and drive. Get a DD ticket. Pay your buddy’s way if you must! That’s a small price to pay for safety.

  10. Beer is Fun!

September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015

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