Couch Beer line up for the summer season.

Here comes summer beer!

Get ready for some new beers for summer 2019! New ideas on new styles, and some changes to some classic Couch recipes. Ottoman Empire strikes back with a new malt and hops bill. It’s the best version ever. Theres a new Duvet coming down the line with even more raspberry. An additional variant from Atomic Clock for July, Rockin’ Rye is going to have even more spicy rye flavor. Gimlet is coming in a couple weeks. Lunar 4 is around the corner. A new saison and a variant from that. …..And……. Loveseat returns late summer, with a spinoff version with rosemary. We’re excited to share news about so much good beer coming this summer!  

Come hang out on our dog friendly front porch. Lounge around and watch the traffic on Washington Blvd. Chill and relax with a summer cocktail.

We can’t wait to see your smile and serve you a beer.